Company history

2018. – Acquisition of Tisza Automotive Ltd., Tiszaújváros, Hungary

2017. – Opening of new painting line for interiors in Zagreb

2014. – Opening of new painting line in Zagreb

2012. – Opening of new plants – companies in Mladenovac, Serbia and Kaluga, Russia

2009. – Establishment of a second Joint Venture company with the company Faurecia – ZAO FADP, Luga, Russia

2007. – Increase of capital of AD Plastik by a foreign partner Aerokosmicheskoe oborudovanie in the amount of 42,5 million euro

2006. – Entering into a partnership with a foreign company Faurecia together with the company Euro APS from Romania, in a way that Faurecia acquired Simoldes share

2002. – Establishment of the company Euro APS in Romania in partnership with the foreign company „Simoldes“

2001. – Employee stock ownership programs 

1995. – Opening of the plant AD Plastik in Zagreb, and the plant-company in Togliatti, Russia

1994. – Renaming the company „Autodijelovi“ into the current name, AD Plastik

1992. – Establishment of „Autodijelovi“ as an independent company by separation from „Jugoplastika“

1968. –  Development and manufacture of products designed for automotive industry started within the industrial combine „Jugoplastika“. 

1952. – Original predecessor of„AD Plastik“ is „Jugoplastika“ – factory of clothing, accessories, footwear, products from thermoplastic materials and fiberglass.