In its portfolio AD Plastik has the following technologies by which we are able to provide the most diverse needs of our customers.

Injection moulding

Over 30 year of experience and modernly equipped machines with clamping force from 50 to 3200 tons provide the manufacture of articles weighing from a few grams to several kilograms with different design solutions for automotive industry and products of mass consumption. Among standard operations of injection muolding, we use also the two-component injection moulding, gas-injection, IML injection and insert injection. 


In case of technical requirements we use various types of assembly process, such as ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, hot plate welding, hot air welding, high-frequency welding, and, more recently, also the laser scoring technology.


We use the thermoforming technology for manufacture of parts of interior, such as floor carpets, trunk carpets, luggage side trims, parcel shelfs, headliners.

By listening to the market needs, last year we launched also the production of non woven textile, which we use as a material for manufacture of the above mentioned products in order to provide the complete service to our customers – from production of basic material to delivery of finished products.



A fully automated paint shop and a semi-automated paint shop provide to us a wide range of options which we apply while painting different parts of exterior and interior of vehicles (bumpers, side trims, engine masks, trunk masks, small painted positions of instrument panel) in various colors.


Blow moulding

The blow moulding technology is used for production of air ducts in the passenger compartment of vehicles and for production of blow moulded packaging for the programms outside automotive industry.


We use the extrusion tecnology for the production of static seals (glass run channels, weatherstrip seals, self adhesive decorative profiles, windscreen seal) by the procedure of extrusion/ co-extrusion/ three-extrusion from thermoplastic elastomers and materials on the polypropylene basis.


Non woven textile

The non woven textile technology (needle punching of PES fibers) and subsequent chemical finishing are used for the manufacture of material weighing from 100 - 1400 g/m2.

We use the materials for the manufacture of interior parts: floor carpets, trunk carpets, parcel shelfs, luggage side trims and other.

Geografic availability of technologies