Corporate Social Responsibility

The company is not an oasis in the desert. The business of the company is carried out in a social community determined by its history, customs, culture, rules and expectations, in a specific natural environment.

The practice of corporate social responsibility in past twenty years became a strategic business orientation for AD Plastik, as well as for numerous multinational companies, but also for large, medium and small companies.


Code of Business Conduct and Policies of ADP Group

The Code of Business Conduct and Policies of AD Plastik Group define the rules of business conduct which are applied in our daily relations within the company and with external parties. This Code and Policies are used as an instruction which should help in creating corporate social responsibility of employees of the Group and its empowerment.

Code of Business Conduct and Policies


AD Plastik is preparing the Sustainable Business Report regarding corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable Business Report  

In Sustainable Business Report AD Plastik presents its results in the field of economic, environmental and social performance. This Report is focused on improving communication with stakeholders and on encouraging stakeholders to exchange views.

Sustainability report 2018
Sustainability report 2017
Sustainability report 2016
Sustainability report 2015
Sustainable Business Report 2013-2014
Sustainable Bussines Report


Code of Business Ethics

AD Plastik Inc., Solin is a signatory of the Code of Business Ethics of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce from 23 of May 2005.

Code of Business Ethics